Whats happening close season

Unfortunately, the COVID-19 virus has put a stop, for now anyway, to a great deal of the plans we had for close season but there is a bit of activity around the place.

Many local elderly and infirmed people are struggling during the current crises so a group of our local mums decided to do something about it. They formed the “Angel Mums” and raised funds in order to buy and distribute food parcels to those in need. Their initial efforts soon snowballed into a huge operation, so much so that they commandeered the club as their base from which they operate. We were only too pleased to pitch in and help out and we are determined to keep providing this service for as long as required.

Should you wish to contribute to the fighting fund you can do so via their justgiving link below.


In addition to the food bank, we have managed to get on with a bit of grounds maintenance  work as well. The annual verti draining, seeding and fertilising has begun on the main pitch and the ground work required to site the new new dugouts is also underway. A few bored committee members have also spent a bit of time cutting grass and generally tiding up the place but the social distancing rules has prevented us doing any other major works.

Hopefully things will improve in time for the new season to start as scheduled for the 1st week of August. If not so be it but make sure you all stay safe and well for when it does eventually start.


Mon 2nd @ 7.45pm  –  U18 v Farnham Town (A)

Tue 3rd @ 7.45pm  –  1st v Southall (A)

Wed 4th @ 7.45pm  –  U18 v Hanwell Town (H)

Tue 10th @ 7.45 pm  – 1st v Guildford City (H)
Tue 10th @ 7.45 – Virginia Water (A)

Thur 12th @ 7.45pm  –  U18 v Cove (H)

Sat 14th @ 3pm  –  1st v Egham Town (A)

Mon 16th @ 7.45pm  –  U18 v Harefield Utd (A)

Tue 17th @ 7.45pm  –  1st v Camberley Town (A)

Wed 18th @ 7.45 pm  –  U18 v Wembley (A)

Sat 21st @ 3 pm – 1st v Sutton Common Rovers (A)

Mon 23rd @ 7.45 pm – U18 v Westfield (A)

Tue 24th @ 7.45 – 1st v Raynes Park Vale (A)

Thur 26th @ 7.45 – U18 v Westfield (H)

Sat 28th @ 3 pm – 1st v Balham (H)

Mon 30th @ 7.45 – U18 v North Greenford Utd (H)

Tue 31st @ 7.45 – 1st v Colliers Wood Utd (H)