Whats happening close season

The enforced closure means that the club cannot go about our normal business but the lockdown has allowed our many volunteers to carry out a huge amount of work, both inside and outside, of the club.

Work parties have been held twice a week since the beginning of April and the numbers of willing helpers has been amazing. 20+ people has been the norm and, whilst we won’t name individuals in case we miss someone, the club is extremely grateful for all the time and effort put in by our committee, supporters and, shock horror, by some of our players.

Inside the club everything that could be painted has been and our very tired looking floor in the main room has, somehow, had new lease of life injected into it and looks great. Our lobby is now “a foyer”, the dressing rooms have had new lighting and ceilings installed, the walls and floors been painted, and the showers have had a much needed deep clean. The customer toilets have been given a much needed tidy up and a number of plumbing issues have been addressed. The boardroom area is currently being attacked with new ceilings, decorating and a bit of re-modelling well underway.

Outside, the grounds have also had an army working on them. The most noticeable change will be the new dugouts which required a lot of concrete being poured. We have managed to reclaim the hard standing around the pitch from the encroaching weeds and the whole area has been cut and strimmed to within an inch of it’s life. The tannoy system has been upgraded and the pitch has been lovingly tended by Brownie and his sidekick Floydie.

Outstanding tasks include the extension and repair of our paved patio area, the creation of a block paved area just outside the boardroom and there are still a number of painting projects but, with the fantastic help we have, I am sure that these will be completed before the new season restarts, whenever that may be.