Player of the year awards

The end of season awards were presented after our Cup final win. The worthy recipients were.

Golden Boot – Cyril Ocansey
Cyril finished the season very well scoring the lions share of our goals. Shame about the one’s that got away in the first half of the season eh Cyril.

Young Player – Alfie White
It’s true to say that Alfie didn’t get many opportunities to prove himself this season but in the chances he did get he showed himself to be a very capable player. Had an excellent game in the cup final.

Chairman MVP – Jermaine Queenborough
Big J has been very solid alongside the skipper all season and deserves his award. Be nice to see a fewer yellow cards next season.

Supporters Award – Levi King
The fans votes were spread among a number of the players but it was the effort shown by “The King” in every game he played in that swung the vote his way. We love you Levi.

Managers Player – Levi King
It wasn’t only the fans that noticed Levi’s efforts, the Boss did too. He praised Levi for his never say die attitude especially when were going through a very dodgy couple of months during the season. He also mentioned that he could rely on Levi to score just when we need it.

Players, Player – Tom Dilloway
Good old Dillers. Always dependable, always gives his all, also great for a laugh (mainly at). A Villain through and through.

Well done to all the winners and thanks to all the others for their efforts this season.